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With Christmas treats and calorie-filled leftovers still haunting the kitchen cupboards, it’s easy to fall out of love with your New Year’s resolution to get fit. The traditional answer, of course, is to join the droves at the local gym and begin a rather depressing lettuce leaf diet. 

But what if you could make shedding the pounds a joy not a drag? TV presenter Lorraine Kelly believes we really can.

Meeting her in the heart of Soho, it’s clear she’s doing something right: there’s no way she looks her 57 years.

This DVD is for life, not just for Christmas

Lorraine Kelly

She’s a vision of glowing health, sporting brand-new fitness gear and chatting animatedly with fitness expert and long-time friend Maxine Jones. 

The pair first met three years ago when she braved one of Maxine’s dance fitness classes in east London. Since Lorraine’s first “sweaty selfie”, she’s transformed in more ways than one.

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